In 2015, we invited youth to submit project ideas to receive a seed grant of 1000USD. Read more about these incredible projects!

To connect with these project leaders, please email us at with the subject titled: Project connection: <country> Country Coordinator.

SM Shaikat


National Workshop on Youth Leadership in Family Planning


Shaikat, our Country Coordinator in Bangladesh, is working to create a national level network of youth organizations working on family planning related projects and initiatives by inviting them all to attend a national workshop. The aim of this workshop is to engage at least 50 youth organizations in Bangladesh and build their leadership capacity to foster IYAFP and FP2020 strategies at the country level by May 2016. The information that will be communicated at this gathering will benefit over 5000 youth advocates who are connected to any one of these attending organizations.



Sinkondo Isidore Yagnounou

Burkina Faso

Promotion de la santé sexuelle et reproductive et des droits associés auprès des  adolescents et jeunes des lycées et universités


Isidore, our Country Coordinator in Burkina Faso, is using his project to strengthen the skill and knowledge of 60 youth networks and youth organizations with 15 to 24 year old young adults on SRHR (including sexual violence) via two trainings. The project will be implemented in 4 secondary schools and 2 universities in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Beneficiaries of this project include youth network leaders and organizations that help youth with school and academics. He also plans on organizing radio programs on SRHR through the campus radio platform.


By the time this project is completed (approx May 2016):

  • 60 young leaders from school and organizational networks will have an enhanced understanding about youth sexual and reproductive health, contraceptive methods, and rights related to sexual and reproductive health.
  • 500 young secondary and university schools will have increased knowledge on the issues of rights and issues related to sexual and reproductive health, family planning and violence against women
  • Awareness programs on 2 different radio stations (“radio universitaire” and “radio jeunesse”) on the rights to sexual and reproductive health, family planning and sex education will be carried out by young people and can affect more than 500 young listeners.



Le projet a pour objectif d’améliorer les connaissances sur les problèmes et les droits liés à la santé sexuelle et reproductive, ainsi que sur les violences sexuelles auprès des jeunes âgés de 15 à 24 ans, dans 4 écoles secondaires et 2 universités de Ouagadougou. Les cibles sont des jeunes leaders de réseaux et d’organisations pour les jeunes scolaires et universitaires.



Lundi Anne Omam


Actions in favour of family planning for the post-2015 health sectorial plan in Cameroon


Our Country Coordinator from Cameroon signed up to lead a project to organize a national appropriation forum with invited youth associations, youth-centered organizations, members of Cameroon’s national youth forum, and the Ministry of Youth. In doing so, the group of youth managed to develop an advocacy letter and submit the letter to the Ministry of Public Health and its sister ministries. She also led the creation of a youth-led online platform for family planning to communicate ideas and share experiences on SRH and family planning.



Kaprie Kanu


Promoting Integrated Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH)/HIV awareness campaigns for disabled and non-disabled girls at risk


Kaprie, our Country Coordinator in Liberia, is aiming to target school girls (including those with disabilities) in slum communities to educate them on sexual and reproductive health (SRH). The project aim is to to sensitize and raise awareness on (i) Contraceptive and family planning, (ii) maternal health care for teenage mothers, and (ii) Counseling of rape survivors. He will be doing this through workshops and by broadcasting a comprehensive SRH radio program for the general public.



Thura Aung


Right, Evidence to Action (REAct) Project


Right, Evidence to Action (REAct) is an on-going project in Myanmar aiming to collect information about the health situation relating to family planning across the nation. The Country Coordinator for Myanmar (Thura) is leading the effort to gather this important information with the assistance of the Myanmar Health Sector Committee, led by the Minister of Health. He plans on collecting 20 case studies through different groups of age, gender and sexual orientation who are of reproductive age. He will document and map out the case-studies to prepare for advocacy meetings at national levels. The goal of the project is to enhance the quality of health care services through the mobilization of the evidence found and through advocacy efforts.


Thura has made important connections in the country through his presence at the 8th Asia Pacific Conference on Reproductive and Sexual Health and Rights. He is also seated as Alternate CSO representative to Myanmar Health Sector Coordination Committee.



Prabesh Bikram Singh


Sexuality Education and Contraception for Schools’ Young People/Adolescents (SECSY People) Project


Our Country Coordinator in Nepal will be distributing questionnaires and collecting data on knowledge, attitude, and behavior about SRH among youth in Nepal in two different districts in Kathmandu Valley. He and his team of medical students and colleagues will use these results to inform a program whereby peers will reach out to youth and will lead lectures, interactive sessions, and demonstrations about SRH. This project will have him meet with stakeholders, schools, and community leaders to evaluate the program and ensure sustainability in the region.



Chibuike Alagboso


Programing for sustainable community impact: helping adolescents in hard to reach areas



Chibuike, our Nigerian Country Coordinator, plans to create a network of peer educators all over Nigeria who are qualified to advocate, to teach, and to discuss pressing issues around SRH. This network will have peer educators reach out to young students and increase their knowledge on access and importance of SRH.

He is taking his project to different regions of the country, instead of having it in one particular region or state. He has already coordinated with three young leaders who reside in the Northern, Southern, and Western parts of Nigeria who have agreed to help with this IYAFP project. They have experience working with young people and have materials ready for use. Chibuike will be reading over the materials and will combine the best parts of all of the materials to create a consistent program. The first program will be implemented in Northern Nigeria.


Marko Hingi


Tuzungumze Project: Provision of online friendly family planning, SRH education and counseling


Marko, our Country Coordinator from Tanzania, is creating an online forum for youth to discuss issues bordering on their SRHR. He plans to register at least 2,000 university students onto the platform who will be able to ask questions anonymously with the added option of using short-code voice text messaging to ask questions. Part of this project involves training at least 40 selected medical volunteers to serve as administrators, monitors, moderators, and to answer questions in addition to hosting monthly radio shows aimed at sensitizing students on the presence of the forum.


The chat box is live at this website:



Otuck William


I am a girl: campaign


Otuck is not only an Executive member with IYAFP, but is also a very talented musical artist. His passion for creating and performing music has been the driving force behind his project idea. Otuck has successfully created, produced, and recorded an advocacy song called “Girls” which can be found here on SoundCloud.
Want to see the video? Click here:


Diouf Ousmane


Pour une sexualité responsable des jeunes


Diouf Ousmane, our Senegal Country Coordinator, has been an outstanding leader in his country in the field of SRHR. His project involves educating youth on SRH through meetings and talks with community members and young people, creating an awareness campaign with condom distribution (with 300 condoms distributed!), hosting an hour long radio show in the community, launching a poetry contest on SRH, and sharing information about sex work and the importance of protection. Additionally, his project involves hosting two movie nights in the streets of Senegal demonstrating the importance of family planning and protection against STIs. He has so far engaged over 300 youth with these activities. One of his activities had him partner with Le centre DON BOSCO de Nord Foire.



Amanda Joan Banura


School and Community Outreach: Project to Sensitize Youth on Family Planning and Sexual and Reproductive Health in Uganda


Amanda’s project aims to reach out to girls in hard to reach Ugandan communities (Kalangala, Kigungu, Wakiso) to host workshops, educational sessions, and activities to promote access and information to SRH. She, along with her team of youth, plans on distributing male and female condoms in conjunction with business cards with contact information for counselors and youth officers who can answer to SRH related queries in these rural villages. She has met with key stakeholders (ex: Kalangala Red Cross Society and the Kalangala local government) and has mapped out the areas and schools that her team plans to target in the school’s second term.