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Become a Country Coordinator

Become part of our legacy of Country Coordinators! Our cohort from 2016/17 is leaving soon and we are looking for new youth (15-28 years of age).

Applications for new countries are now closed.


FAQ Sheet for Country Coordinator Applications

It’s not about what others are doing but what you can do in your country to improve people’s access to family planning.

  • A skilled young leader and feminist with a strong interest in Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) and Family Planning (FP).
  • Someone who is dedicated and passionate about youth participation and making youth voices heard.
  • Someone who is willing to lead youth in their country to improve access to quality information and services related to Family Planning.
  • We define youth as those aged 15-30. We’ve combined the WHO/UN definitions with the definition from the African Union and Asian-Pacific countries.
  • A young person between 15 – 28 years of age (as of December 31, 2017).
  • Someone with demonstrated leadership skills and passion about Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights and/or Family Planning on a local, national, and/or international level
  • Someone with base knowledge of family planning as a human right
  • A resident of the country they are applying to be coordinators for.
  • Someone with proficient English or French language skills
  • To dedicate 4-6 hours/week mobilizing and leading your country’s youth to advocate for family planning.
  • To be a good ambassador and representative of IYAFP’s values in their country.
  • To attend trainings, workshops and meetings.
  • To engage with the Executive Board and other Country Coordinators.
  • No – this is a voluntary position.

In addition to joining a global family of youth advocates for SRHR, you will benefit from the following:

  • Gain and hone your leadership skills and experience
  • Access educational and training opportunities
  • The opportunity to represent youth on higher decision making levels in your country*
  • Mentorship programs
  • Access to small project grants
  • Access to conference scholarships

*This depends on the country

  • A Country Coordinator position is not a full-time job; we expect you to dedicate 4-6 hours a week.
  • The Country Coordinator tenure is 2 years after which you can re-apply (for a maximum of two terms).
You must fill out and submit this online form by December 15th, 11:59pm EST.
  • November 12 – December 15: Application period.
  • December – January: Our team will review all complete applications.
  • Late January: Shortlisted candidates are contacted.
  • February: Mandatory training and induction period.
  • March: Announcement of new Country Coordinators.
  • No – we will be selecting one Country Coordinator per country. This Country Coordinator is then connected to the members of IYAFP in their country (if there is already a member base) and encouraged to invite people from their networks to become new members.
  • IYAFP currently has a chapter in 59 countries across the globe. You can see whether your country is one of them HERE.
  • IYAFP does not have country offices. We operate exclusively online. That being said, partner organizations offer their spaces for meetings, projects, and workshops.
  • You will learn and improve on leadership, advocacy, and communication skills by leading a team of youth on the ground to advocate in whichever way best suits you. Activities are related to (but not limited to): policy advocacy, community development projects, research, and educational workshops.
  • Every Country Coordinator will be expected to create a work plan  with action items within the first 3 months of their tenure, and report on it regularly.
  • You will lead your chapter to securing grants, partnerships, and speaking opportunities to ensure youth voices are heard at all levels.

IYAFP’s mission is to create a space where young leaders can truly improve the family planning situation in their communities. What a Country Coordinator does depends on what they want to do, based on the needs and context of their countries or communities, personal interests and/or their expertise.

The global IYAFP team supports Country Coordinators to develop and implement their own national work plans. Country Coordinator workplans have to align with the vision and mission of the Alliance.

You will mostly work with your chapter’s IYAFP members and any partnerships established over the last few years. The Executive Board will support you with training and check-ins. You will also work with other Country Coordinators from your own cohort, and be connected to our alumni Country Coordinators.

It’s important to note that you will be a connecting point to other youth in your country. We want you to partner with youth movements, organizations and individual youths on the ground, specific to your country. We do not believe in working in isolation but rather want you to empower other youths, as well as be empowered and inspired by them.

  • This means that there already is an IYAFP chapter in your country and they have decided to run elections to select the Country Coordinator. You can sign up as a member in March once the Country Coordinators have been announced.
  • A member is someone aged 15-30 who applies to join the IYAFP Chapter, led by the Country Coordinator.
  • General membership applications will open up in March shortly after the Country Coordinators are announced.

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Want to join your country’s chapter? Apply as a member and be connected with the Country Coordinator and fellow like-minded youth (15-30). Run events together, meet new friends, and support one another in your advocacy for family planning. Membership applications open in March, 2018.


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