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Peer Education Materials to use

Snakes and ladders: STI version Have youth play this to learn more about practicing safe sex and reducing the transmission of sexually transmitted infections! STI Snakes and Ladders


Healthy Relationships: Have youth understand the main pillars of a healthy relationship. Let them test out their knowledge using a healthy 7’s card game, adapted by Game On!: The Ultimate Sexuality Education Gaming Guide. Authors: Jessica L. Shields, Melissa Keyes DiGioia Contributor: Bill Taverner Publisher: Center for Family Life Education, 2012, ISBN 1941843042, 9781941843048 Healthy Relationships


Peer pressure workshop: Have youth discuss the differences between positive and negative peer pressure. Then have them role the dice to determine what kind of role playing they should do! Peer Pressure


Comprehensive SRHR Trivia: Are your youth up for the challenge? Split them into groups and have them answer questions for points using this trivia document! SRHR Comprehensive Trivia

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Useful Links

Here are some of our favourite links to help you advocate for family planning in your community! If you have suggestions for links that we should add, please let us know at


Gender-based Violence 

UNFPA News and Resources: see more

Women’s Health Violence Against Women FAQ: see more

Reducing HIV Stigma and GBV Toolkit for Health Care providers (in India): see more

Gender-based Violence Against Children and Youth with Disabilities Toolkit: see more

Toolkit for Integrating LGBTI Issues Into HIV & GBV Prevention: see more



The GREAT Scalable Toolkit: see more

E-learning courses on Human Rights and Gender Equality: see more

Games for Adolescent Reproductive Health: see more

IPPF Youth Hub, Resources: see more



Performance Improvement – Youth Peer Education Toolkit: see more

International Youth Foundation – Project Design & Proposal Writing: see more


Youth Activism and Advocacy

PRB Global Youth Family Planning Index: see more

“Want to change the world? Here’s how…Young people as advocates, Your action for change toolkit”: see more

Youth Consultations for a Post-2015 Framework – A Toolkit: see more

Youth Guide to Action on Maternal Health: see more

Meaningful Youth Participation: what it actually means for you, your work and your organization: see more

Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Toolkit for Humanitarian Settings: see more

Advocates for Youth: Youth Activist’s Toolkit: see more

Women Deliver Toolkit for Young Leaders: Respecting, Protecting, and Fulfilling our Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights: see more

Youth Action to Resolve Stockout – A toolkit to help resolve stockouts of reproductive supplies: see more

FULFIL! Guidance document for the implementation of young people’s sexual rights: see more

Climate Change: Time to think “Family Planning”: see more

Subcutaneous DMPA Advocacy Toolkit: see more


Abortion care for young women: a training toolkit: Abortion Care for Young Women

A guid for peer educators, teachers, and trainers: How to Educate About Abortion



Creating Safe Space for GLBTQ Youth – A Toolkit: see more



Young People Living with HIV: A Collection and Review of Resources for Health Workers Around the World: see more


Gender Equality 

Gender equality in education and the workplace: see more 

Gender Analysis Toolkit for Health Systems: see more



Youth Leadership E-Course: see more


Personal Health and Service Provision

Menstrual Cycle Calculator: see more

Women’s Health: see more

How to design youth-friendly services: see more

Reproductive Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Course: see more


Research and Reports


SDG: A SRHR CSO guide to implementation, courtesy of IPPF

This document aims to highlight the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) elements within the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and offers recommendations for implementation as we move into the next phase, turning policy into action.

The guide is available in English, French, and Spanish.

English Guide      French Guide     Spanish Guide


UNAIDS World AIDS Day report 2015

Read this report to see how governments are working with community groups and international partners to scale up health and social services that put people at the centre and locations where they can do more people more good: see more


Universal Access to Reproductive Health

Progress and challenges to universal access to reproductive health: see more


Sexual Rights Database

A one-stop-shop for national Constitutions, laws and policies related to sexual rights, including reproductive rights and sexual and reproductive health: see more

Research gaps in sexual and reproductive health

Gaps in research on adolescent sexual and reproductive health: see more