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DZAHINI Kwakutse Elagbe

Of Togolese nationality, I was born on December 10, 1986 in Agu Nyogbo Dzidzole (my hometown), I say on behalf of DZAHINI Kwakutse Elagbe. I completed my primary education and part of my secondary studies in Agu Nyogbo Dzidzole. I got my bachelor A4 series in 2007 in Kpalimé (city located 14 kilometer from my home town). I continued graduate studies at the University of Lomé in the specialty sociology of society, education option and culture and I am left with a license in 2011.


Passionate about the field of project management, I trained with the consulting firm in entrepreneurial finance in KMK Consulting Group. I am currently the president of the Association YOUTHLEAD, Consultant Trainer in entrepreneurial finance, Country Coordinator Network of African Youths for Development (NAYD), Country Office Representative WORLD MERIT, a member of the Global Forum against Poverty, the National coordinator of Youth Employment Decade In Africa (YEDIA) and most recently Country Coordinator of International Youth Alliance for Family Planning (IYAFP).

I was initiated numerous programs including: the youth outreach program on the fight against HIV AIDS and IST in school environments; the initiator of the program “Entrepreneurship for All” in tailoring training centers, hairdressers, to name a few. I am very interested in youth issues including family planning youth.