It’s Not as Simple as Buying the Condom: #worldcontraceptionday

You might be wondering: why is there a day dedicated to contraception? Why is that necessary, or even useful? You might think contraception is just a useful tool that people know about and can take advantage of when there’s a need. Actually, in many countries and for many groups that’s not the whole story. As is so often the case, youth are a vulnerable group when it comes to contraception. Not only do we have fewer financial resources, our sexuality is also more controlled and stigmatized. That’s why world contraception day is a great opportunity to explore what youths’ access to contraception looks like – and where the obstacles are rooted. This article is exploring problems surrounding access to contraception in Malaysia and Germany, though there are so many more issues in a range of other countries.

What are some issues that surround contraception in your country? Is it access? Costs? Sex-education? Safe access for women to choices with regards for unwanted pregnancy? Stigma?

In our article, we are talking about the barriers to accessing contraception in Malaysia and Germany.

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