We all have a Clitoris – let’s understand it

What do you know about the clitoris? What’s it for? What does it do? And did you know it’s nearly the same size as a penis? 

After I attended a Clit Night, I asked all these questions to my friends. Surprisingly – many of them are doctors – you would think that they would have more anatomical knowledge than the rest of us. I’m in my late 20s, well-educated, rooted in a liberal/progressive environment. In my social circles, when it comes to sex, (nearly) everyone is open-minded, educated, aware. Or at least we think of ourselves as such. We can talk about sex, masturbation, STIs, no problem. After all we live in Berlin, a city known for its (sexual) hedonism. We are liberated as fuck. And still, most of us couldn’t draw a clitoris – we couldn’t even draw a shape that was as close to reality as a stick man is to a real human. Most of us have seen an anatomic image of the penis, but why not one of the clitoris? It’s not just the lack of biological knowledge that got me, it’s also that I couldn’t help but wonder why we all knew so little.

The Clit Night had answers to both of my questions; the what and the why.

To share some of my insights, I interviewed Louisa Lorenz, the founder and facilitator of the Clit Night.

Louisa Lorenz holds a BA in Cultural Studies and English and is currently a student of the Gender Studies MA program at the University of Göttingen, Germany. She has been interested in feminism and gender issues for many years and her research interests include sexuality, sex education, women’s rights, and politics of the body. Louisa also works at the Equity and Accessibility Office of the Faculty of Humanities at her university. She volunteers with a student-organized group that teaches sex-ed to local schools. Currently, she is working on workshops that deal with (self)empowering knowledge to educate people on sexuality in a positive, feminist, and shame-free way.

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