Congratulations! It’s international youth day!

A huge shout-out to all the amazing youth out there fighting for their rights and standing up for their perspectives!

Like Édouard. Édouard is a 29-year-old currently living in Mali and has been a Country Coordinator with IYAFP for a year and a half. Since joining our team, he has been connected with other incredible youth (ages 15–30) in 59 countries worldwide, he has been given opportunities to attend conferences and meetings, and he has been given the opportunity to apply for a seed grant to run a local, family planning related project in his community.

With only 1000 USD, he successfully informed and improved awareness of contraceptive usage among more than 300 youth. He also created 5 radio shows (!!) and led two small conferences promoting sexual and reproductive rights for youth. Local religious leaders attended these conferences and participated in important conversations to learn about why it is important to decrease barriers for youth and train powerful community members about family planning. His project received so much traction among local members; he was even featured in the local newspaper!

Édouard is one of the many IYAFP youth who recognize a need for youth-based advocacy and action. This example demonstrates the commitment and tenacity that youth bring to the table at home and abroad. We hope to continue supporting youth with their efforts

via our project grants, our advocacy and capacity building workshops, and relationship-building within the network.

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It is for this reason that we have made commitments to the family planning community via FP2020 and the UN’s Every Woman Every Child movement.

By 2020, IYAFP commits to reaching 6000 youth by supporting 15–30 year olds in their youth-led, youth- driven advocacy from the ground up. We commit to equip youth with the skills to lead grassroots projects, create country-specific action plans, present at various meetings and conferences, and to make “youth voices heard” at all levels. Youth participation in panels and presentations will inject a crucial perspective in these important meetings. We also commit to targeted and effective advocacy by tracking
national health policies and by training our youth on SMART advocacy to ensure that projects and in-country events are effective at improving knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors of youth on the ground. Our network will be strengthened through the protected space that IYAFP will create for Country Coordinators to share success stories, discuss challenges and barriers, and to learn from one another in this field. Read our full commitments here:

We are excited about this commitment and about the positive impact this will have on girls, youth, and women. IYAFP will be launching applications for the 2018–2020 cohort of Country Coordinators this November.

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