Happy birthday to you, to me, to us!

Four years ago today, a youth movement was born. What had started just as an idea at an international conference grew into a full-fledged organization. Today, we have youth advocates and members in over 60 countries worldwide, partnerships with 10 different organizations, and an unhindered for-youth, by-youth approach to Family Planning.

Since our inception, we have grown exponentially. This speaks to the need for protected spaces for youth to advocate for sexual and reproductive health and rights. Here is just a glimpse of our favourite milestones:

  • November 2013

IYAFP was born at the International Conference on Family Planning in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia,

  • February 2014

After receiving 300 applications from youth to join the movement, the first cohort of Country Coordinators was selected. 49 youth became the first cohort of IYAFP Country Coordinators.

  • January 2015

IYAFP ran a contest for a new logo and received 12 incredible submissions. Thank you to Mutethia Michael from Kenya for designing our current logo!

From old…
…to new.
  • July 2015

IYAFP received its first grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Institute for Population and Reproductive Health. From then on, IYAFP could dedicate time to build its foundation, grow its membership base, and provide Country Coordinators with financial support for community development projects. This is truly when our operations were able to begin!

  • September 2015

IYAFP provided 10 seed grants to Country Coordinators to run grassroots projects — including our very own Girls Song!

  • October 2015

IYAFP became officially recognized as a non-profit entity incorporated in Washington, DC.

  • January 2016

IYAFP played a leading role in the youth engagement of the International Conference for Family Planning 2016 in Nusa Dua, Indonesia.

  • February 2016

From 425 applications, the second cohort of Country Coordinators was selected; we initially chose 54 youth and ended the year with 59 Country Coordinators. We expanded our reach, and increased representation in Europe and North America.

  • April-September 2016

IYAFP was represented at the WHO, Women Deliver 2016, and the International Aids Conference and hosted a side event at UNGA

  • January 2017

IYAFP selected 10 youth projects to fund with USD 1000 seed grants. See here for highlights and impact!

  • June 2017

IYAFP received its 501(c)3 status in the USA, meaning that we can officially issue tax receipts to donors.

  • February 2017

Our Country Coordinator in Nepal, Prabesh, got awarded a prestigious IPPF grant to host meetings and workshops with civil society organizations, youth organizations, and individual members to develop cross-regional alliances and support ICPD goals.

  • July 2017

IYAFP welcomed 3 new power women on the Executive Team (all under the age of 30): Norhan Bader as Director of Projects, Marietta Wildt as Director of Public Relations and Fila Magnus as Director of Communications.

  • October 2017:

We attended many conferences including EuroNGOs, the WHO Wilton Park SRHR linkages conversation, and the International Association for Adolescent Health World Congress.

  • November 2017

IYAFP aged out its first Executive member, Isaiah Owolabi, co-founder and Co-Executive Director: “I believe that family planning and contraceptive services can help women, not just health wise, but it can help them to make healthy decisions for their future and also give them opportunities.” #foryouthbyyouthforever

  • January 2017

Third Country Coordinator cohort to be selected and trained!

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