IYAFP Executive Team


Jillian Gedeon

Co-Executive Director


Jillian Gedeon is the co-founder and co-Executive Director of IYAFP. She completed a Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Health Sciences from the University of Ottawa, Canada in 2014, where she researched women’s experiences with long-acting reversible contraception (LARC) on the Thailand-Burma border. She has been contributing to qualitative studies on women’s reproductive health for over 3 years, on topics ranging from abortion in Canada to medical education in Jordan. Her passion for reproductive health, coupled with her ability to connect with youth, has led her to mentor, train, and educate youth locally, nationally, and internationally. She recently spent a year living in Mae Sot, Thailand as a Fellow with Cambridge Reproductive Health Consultants (CRHC), working on reproductive health research and education.


Languages spoken: English, French, Arabic

Country: Canada

Email: jgedeon@iyafp.org

Linkedin: Jillian Gedeon



 Isaiah Owolabi

Co-Executive Director


Isaiah Owolabi is the project director and co-founder of HACEY’s Health Initiative, a non-governmental organization which helps to support and empower vulnerable children, women and young people in Africa to live a healthy and productive life. He is also the co-founder of IYAFP. He has over six years of experience working to champion youth led development for sexual and reproductive health interventions and incorporating business models for such intervention. Isaiah previously worked as a trainer for the National Directorate of Employment in Nigeria where he also incorporated health education into the life skills program. He also served as a monitoring and evaluation officer for Peace Child International at the 5th World Youth Congress in Istanbul, Turkey and previously supervised projects on girls sexual health promotion, contraceptive promotion and access, HIV prevention and treatment programs for vulnerable women and young people. He is the author of the book, “HIV/AIDS – The future of the infected and affected” and a contributing author to the Girls Sexual Health Promotion Training Manual. He is skilled in public speaking, writing, research, project and knowledge management and he is passionate about helping vulnerable children, women and young people live a healthy and productive life.


Languages spoken: English, Yoruba

Country: Nigeria

Email: iowolabi@iyafp.org




Burcu Bozkurt

Director of Operations


Burcu Bozkurt is the co-founder of IYAFP. She is a public health professional with more than 3 years of experience in policy, research and advocacy. Her fieldwork has spanned from providing technical support to establish an M&E system for community health workers in Bangladesh to working with women’s cooperatives in Turkey. Burcu worked for Ipas as a Policy Associate to educate policymakers and other stakeholders on U.S. foreign policy as it relates to reproductive health access for women globally. Before joining Ipas, she was an public health analyst for the Women, Children and Families Program at RTI International. As a women’s rights advocate, she has worked on sustainable development issues and conducted health systems research in Turkey, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Costa Rica and Mexico. Burcu moved to the United States at age eight from her native Istanbul, Turkey and graduated with honors and distinction in public service from the UNC-Chapel Hill, where she studied global studies and health policy and management in theGillings School of Global Public Health. While at UNC, Burcu wrote her undergraduate thesis on provider attitudes on abortion in Hanoi, Vietnam and was a Mahatma Gandhi Fellow and aStartingBloc Social Innovation Fellow.


Languages spoken: English, Turkish, Spanish

Country: USA/Turkey

Email: bbozkurt@iyafp.org




Jean Christophe Rusatira

Co-Director of Research and Development


Dr Jean Christophe RUSATIRA is Co-Founder and Director Research and Development of the International Youth Alliance for Family planning and founder of the Healthy People Rwanda. He is graduate of the National University of Rwanda medical school and John Hopkins School of Public Health-Global Tobacco Control Program. In addition to his clinical practice, he is been principal investigator of Mobile Medical educator intervention project that aimed at developing a mobile computing platform connecting doctors in Rwanda, rural to urban, junior to seniors and department to departments. He was one of the winners of the WHO World No Tobacco day award in 2013 and won the Stars in Global Health by the grand challenges Canada the same year. He has been member of Medical Students’ Association of Rwanda (MEDSAR) from 2008 where he did most of his work in health education focusing on tobacco, non-communicable diseases and sexual health. In 2010, he was elected Director of the Standing Committee on Public health of the MEDSAR. With a team from the George Washington University, he initiated the Maternal Child health care program working in two health centers in Huye District helping 256 mothers with malnourished children. In 2011, he initiated the Rwandan Health Education Project that focused on reproductive health education in youth and people in the villages of southern and Kigali City Provinces reaching over 7640 young people over two years. He was coordinator of the Rwandan Youth Organization Network, organizing the first and second national youth organizations’ exhibitions. In 2013, he founded the medfoster group, and initiated the web-based medical education platform www.medfoster.com and has worked with the Rochester Institute of Technology and the University of Rwanda to further develop user-centered Interactive technology for Medical education.


Languages spoken: English, French, Kinyarwanda, Swahili

Country: Rwanda

Email: crusatira@iyafp.org



Catherine Baye

Director of Country Coordinators                                   


Catherine “Kate” Baye is a public health professional with experience in clinical care, project management, research, and advocacy. She currently serves as the Director for Country Coordinators of the International Youth Alliance for Family Planning which she co-founded alongside a group of dynamic young people during the International Conference on Family planning 2013. She is also the Program Officer for Francophone West Africa for the Gates Institute project, The Challenge initiative (TCI). Catherine completed her medical degree in Cameroon in 2013 where she carried out research on the knowledge, attitudes and practice of the female condom. She is a recent MSPH graduate from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and was the Youth Coordinator and co-chair of the Youth Sub-Committee for the 2016 International Conference on Family Planning. Previously, she served as consultant for Pharmacie La Reference, the Quality Healthcare Unit of the SHEMKA Foundation and Women in Alternative Action, WAA Cameroon which was the host of the 6th African Conference on Sexual Health and Rights. She has a strong passion for youth and women issues, sexual and reproductive health advocacy and policy strategies.


Languages spoken: English, French

Country: Cameroon

Email: cbaye@iyafp.org




Ramya Jawahar Kudekallu

Advisor of Policy and Advocacy      


Ramya graduated in Law from the Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian Law College, Bangalore, India in 2012. She worked with the World YWCA in Geneva, Switzerland in 2013, as a programme associate focussing on international advocacy mechanisms, communications, tracking women’s rights country reports, representing young women’s rights in forums and exploring the context of sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR) in South Asia. She returned to India in 2014 and joined the Alternative Law Forum (ALF), a collective of human rights lawyers and activists based in Bangalore. Her work centres around representing the rights of sex workers and those in protective custody, including women and children. She also coordinates communications and fundraising for ALF. Ramya is currently the Advisor on Law and Policy with the International Youth Alliance For Family Planning (IYAFP). She develops training modules on SRHR advocacy and international accountability mechanisms for a global network of youth who work on reproductive health rights. She is also a current board member of the YWCA of Bangalore City, where she serves as the Chairperson for the YWCA Primary Kannada School, a free primary education institution in KSG slum, Bangalore.


Languages spoken: Kannada, Arabic, Hindi, English

Country: India

Email: rjawahar@iyafp.org




William Okumu Otuck

Director of Human Resources                


William Otuck is a clinical officer and a young activist from Tanzania. He has always been a leader throughout his school life and now continues as a young leader in sexual and reproductive health (SRH). His passion in SRH became stronger and more visible when he was in college and joined his colleagues to start a student’s sexual health club which aimed at providing comprehensive sexual education to primary and secondary schools. It also served as the link between young people and sexual health care personnel. More recently, Otuck has been actively working with PaLM, a London-based NGO working on SRH in Tanzania. He has been in this position for 3 years. His official role as a clinical officer in Tanzania has allowed Otuck to work closely with young people in need of sexual health services, especially family planning. He sees the challenges that youth face in their access to family planning on a daily basis and uses his experiences and these facts as motivation to work on SRH platforms such as PaLM and IYAFP. Otuck is also a Women Deliver young leader for the 2015/2016 cohort.


Languages spoken: English, Swahili

Country: Tanzania

Email: wotuck@iyafp.org