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Marko Hingi

Marko Hingi is a young Tanzanian aged 28 years old. He is the Founder and Executive Director of Tanzania Rural Health Movement and is currently an intern doctor at the Bugando Medical Centre.

Marko is a Leading Change Fellow 2016 from University of Cambridge and is also a recipient of various awards/grants via local/International competitions including ‘Open Access Competition week’, ‘Be Forward Car Competition’ and ‘Ndoto za Kitaa’.

Being hard working, self motivated and innovative within the communities, he managed to develop various projects like Wound Care Project for street children, Mkombozi Tailors Project and free pre hospital care project by using SMS dispatching software “Beacon”.

He’s passionate about sexual and reproductive health among youth and received a seed grant from IYAFP to develop the Tuzungumze Project which provides friendly, online counselling about sexual and reproductive health.