Republic of the Congo


Jyer Stiven Magnondo Dielet

A young and active leader in associations and youth movements at national and international levels, Jyer identifies as Congolese, based in Brazzaville. He has a particular interest in youth, health, entrepreneurship, science and communication for development.

Having been involved with the Congolese Association for Family Welfare (ACBEF), an affiliate of the International Federation for Family Planning (IPPF) in 2010, he was elected President of the Youth Action Movement of the Congolese Association for Family Welfare ( MAJ-ACBEF) Pointe Noire in October of 2011. One (1) year later, in 2012, Jyer was elected as National Advisor for MAJ Congo. He is now the National Focal Point for MAJ Congo.

Since 2014, Jyer has been a member of the National Technical Unit who heads the youth outreach project through social networks and the site administrator.

In 2015, he was elected National President of the Congo branch of NIGAF, an Ivory-Coast NGO. Jyer holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics C series where he studied Physics at the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University Marien Ngouabi Brazzaville.