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Edouard Keita

A graduate in marketing and communications at the School of Information Management and Accounting (Esgic Bamako), I have been a young activist in the field of family planning, advocacy and defense of sexual and reproductive rights of adolescents and youth since 2007. Having spent years as a peer educator with the Youth Project led by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, I saw the need to continue in this field to participate in the development of a healthy and responsible generation. Through my involvement in civil society, especially among youth, I have won several competitions for young family planning at national and regional levels under the partnership Ouagadougou.


I am also the President of a Network of Young Ambassadors for Reproductive Health and Family Planning in Mali and act as the Communications Officer at the regional level. This Young Ambassadors SRHR Initiative is part of the Project called Civil Society for Implementation of Family Planning (CS4PF) under the Ouagadougou Partnership implemented by IntraHealth International Mali and funded by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.


I am also the Secretary General of the National Malian Association Executive Committee or the Protection and Family Welfare, Member Association of IPPF. In recognition of my determination and my commitment to SRHR, I received an honorary award from the Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene recognizing family planning champions in April 2016 before the highest authorities of the States in Mali.