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Tom Onyango Oludhe

Tom Onyango Oludhe is the Founder and Executive Director of AfyaElimu Community Based Organization (CBO) in Siaya County, Kenya. The CBO’s mission is to empower community members embrace “bottom up” development initiatives through community conversation groups, partnerships and collaborations with a focus on Health, Education and Agriculture. He is passionate about community wellness and stimulating sustainable community solutions for the larger humanity. Through his leadership, the CBO continues to contribute to the realization of the Global SDGs in Siaya County, Kenya.


Born and raised in Kisumu Kenya, Tom Onyango Oludhe is a trained Educationist and a Certified Monitoring and Evaluation Professional. He has taken additional professional courses in HIV Counselling & Testing and Psychological Counselling. Tom has worked in various capacities at The Walter Reed Project (WRP), The Nyanza Reproductive Health Society, The Family Health International (FHI) 360, The Kenya Ministry of Health, Kenya Medical Research Institute/Center for Disease Control (KEMRI/CDC) collaboration and The Kisumu Medical and Education Trust (KMET).