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Nisa Sri Wahyuni

Nisa sri wahyuni a student who has a big dream, enthusiasm, and ambitious. She was born in Jakarta, 17 June 1995. Her motto is “Khairun Nass Anfakum Nass”. Now she is studying as undergraduated student in Universitas Indonesia, majoring Public Health, concentration Epidemiology field. She has a lot of experience and activites that has a big correlation with family planning, especially in health field. She likes doing some research and her research has been published in national and internation scientific journal. Her story also has been written in the book story of scholarship receiver. Nisa also has some experiences in the big organization as a leader before became an Indonesia Coordinator Family Planning, like become a membership Track A training certified in World Youth Alliance Asia Pasific, she also become the head of scientific and education in Student Executive Organization, Editorial Abroad in Indonesia Journal Public Health Student and she ever made a big event Health National Seminar and succesfull invited Ministry of Health as a speaker. Now she is developing a programme related with family planning named HAPPY Girls! (Health Awareness of Anemic and Preconception Education in Youth for Girl!) that is packaged in a card game named flipflop and Award iron supplement tablets each week. The expected benefit of the program is to generate healthy marginalized adolescents in Depok area in becoming capable of being healthy future mothers. Nisa likes to having a lot of friends and make a lot of networking with people around the world, so don’t hesitate to contact her.