Name: Ngo Bibaa Lundi Anne

Country: Cameroon

City/Community: Buea

Your age: 30

Name of your activity: National appropriation forum


What did you do?

I organized a national appropriation forum for the SDGs involving young Cameroonian activists and the Cameroon Youth Council. Deliberations during the forum were centered on goals that target sexual and reproductive health and family planning. The youth mapped out the unmet needs of SRH in the SDGs and gave recommendations on how government, community based organizations and youth associations could meet up to these needs. The idea of having an online platform of youth on family planning was accepted by all.


What materials did you need/use?

Projector, flip charts, bold makers, block notes, pens, pencils and folders.


How many people attended?

38 people attended.


How long did it take for you to organize this activity?

Two weeks.


If a youth wanted to replicate the same activity in their community, what tips would you give him/her?

- Proper and early planning

- Be current with development updates on national and international levels

- Work in collaboration with the other organizations with similar activities and objectives

- Inform and engage the National youth council to get representatives of the council to participate in the forum.

- Request material and financial support from well-wishers and other organizations.

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