Hearing Impaired Youth Face Multiple Vulnerabilities


By: Chibuike Alagboso, Nigeria. (Key Correspondents Network)

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Hearing impaired adolescents excluded from sexual health education 

Around 14 per cent of adolescents in Nigeria are hearing impaired, yet their specific sexual and reproductive health needs as young people with a disability have long been ignored.


Keeping the Faith: Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters

By: Armah Francis Oko, Ghana. ()

The belief and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods as it may be known to many people, forms a religion.  Religion affects our daily lives, what we do, the values we believe in and standards we set for ourselves. In short, it significantly contributes to who we are.

In Ghana, Christianity dominates the southern part of the country with 71.2% of the population being adherents. Islam dominates the northern region with 17.6% of the population. Indigenous traditional believers constitute 5.2%, and 0.8% are affiliated to other groups whereas 5.2% do not belong to any religion at all, according to the (more…)

One of Us: Liberia’s Country Coordinator

Photo credit: Carly Learson, UNDP

A Profile of Kaprie

Born in August 1985 in northern Sierra Leone, Kaprie Kanu has over nine years of experience working directly with grassroots communities where she’s focused on the capacity-building of marginalized young people (disabled and non-disabled) in the post-war countries, Sierra Leone and Liberia. In Sierra Leone, Kaprie was one of the founding members of the Children‟s Forum Network (CFN) and Peace-Link Sierra Leone, who are the leading platforms for the well-being of young Sierra Leoneans especially at the community level.


One of Us: Zambia’s Country Coordinator

Photo credit: NewHavenRTC.com

A Profile of Kanenga

Our first one is by Kanenga Haggai, Zambia’s IYAFP Country Coordinator. Kanenga has about five years’ experience working as a volunteer, ranging from community school to community-based organizations and the government. He currently works for the University of Zambia, Lusaka Zambia as a part-time tutor in charge of tutoring and mentoring students in research and development issues.


Youth Vows on Family Planning

By: Amanda Banura Joan, Journalist, Uganda. ()

The youth delegates to the 3rd International Conference on Family Planning (ICFP) have vowed to be the face and voice of the voiceless in their respective countries regarding issues to do with sexual reproductive health, contraception and family planning issues.

Under the International Youth Alliance on Family Planning (IYAFP), youth met at the African Union Conference center with, Liberian journalist and freedom activist, Mae Azongo on Friday 15th November, 2013.