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S M Shaikat

S M Shaikat is a young passionate advocate for gender equality, human rights, especially sexual and reproductive health and rights of young people in underprivileged communities in Bangladesh. Shaikat started career as a volunteer on youth development projects in 2003, and after getting a bachelor degree in law from the University of London, he continued to advocate for social injustice and basic human rights for young men and women. He initiated a large youth networking on dowry and child marriage prevention in Bangladesh, in which currently more than 2000 young people are actively working. He uses law background as strength against social taboos, and legal barriers in accessing sexual and reproductive health and rights by young people, and fighting gender disparities.


Shaikat was nominated as one of the 100 Global Young Leaders by Women Deliver in 2013. Being a motivational speaker and youth expert on sustainable development goals, Shaikat spoke at several events at the 69th and 70th UN General Assemblies. With his global engagements, Shaikat is leading a number of global youth workstreams including Co-Chairing the Advocacy and Accountability Sub- committee of International Conference on Family Planning-2016, and Chairing the Youth Discussion Group at Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition.‍ In recognition of his youth leadership, Shaikat was nominated by the US Department of State for International Visitors Leadership Program in 2013.


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